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The Gas to Grid Opportunity
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Weltec BioPower (UK) Ltd

Gas to the Gas Grid - a profitable option with new incentives for AD for the larger grower

Gas to the Gas Grid - incentives to be implemented 2017, see Renewable Energy Association. Following the election on 8th June the rates proposed earlier in the year are expected to be inplemented with a substantial increase in incentives for plants with crops and waste as substrates.

Gas to the Gas Grid - if there is no access for Electricity to the Grid or no use for the heat from a CHP

Weltec are specialist in Gas to Gas Grid provision - Own and Operate Konnern one of the biggest Gas to Grid plants in Europe and developed a number of others

Weltec offer over 17 years experience of AD Technology and Biology

Weltec have over 350 plants worldwide and have an office in the UK with UK infrastructure

Weltec have twelve operational plants in the UK and Northern Ireland, all of which are operating profitably for the proprietors.

Four of the projects are food waste projects (much the most difficult to implement) and the remainder are agricultural projects.

Three of the waste projects have expanded with Weltec technology up to ~1.5 MW.

Follow this link for some UK Weltec reference sites Weltec Reference sites Brochure.

Weltec has developed and run gas to grid projects in Germany up to 11MW and have gas to grid partners for the UK.

Stainless steel tanks allow rapid implementation AND have a residual value.

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Apart from developing Anaerobic Digestion plants that are profitable for their clients, Weltec offer stainless steel tanks that have the following advantages:

Competitive price
Superior Quality Control compared to concrete
Better sealing of the tanks
The build is less weather dependent
Much reduced build time
Less impact on the build site
Longer and more predictable plant life as a result of better quality control
No maintenance or service treatment of the material is required
The stainless steel will have significant residual value and very low decommissioning cost

Weltec Reference Sites

LocationElectrical O/PDigester(s) Cu MSubstratesOperational Status
Bedford 536kw/h+250kW/h 2 X 2496 cu m Pig slurry/Food Waste Since 2006
Aberdeen 230kW/h+110kW/h 1 X 2496 cu m Cow slurry/Abattoir Waste Since 2006
Stafford 1.4MW/h 2 X 3040 cu m Food Waste Operational 2010
Northampton 1.4MW/h 2 X 3040 cu m Food Waste Operational 2010
Dorchester 500kW+ 1 X 3040 cu m Food Waste Operational 2012
Oxford 500kW 1 X 3040 cu m Maize Silage/Pig slurry Operational 2012
Coleraine 850kW 2 X 3040 cu m Cattle Manure/Maize silage/Dairy Waste Operational 2012
Market Harborough 500kW 1 X 3040 cu m Maize Silage Operational 2014
Cullompton 500kW 2 X 3040 cu m Pig/Cattle/Poultry slurry/Maize/Beet/Grass Operational 2014
Londonderry NI 500kW 1 X 3040 cu m Slaughter House waste Operational 2015
Loughhall NI 500kW 1 X 2496 cu m Veg. packing waste/Cattle slurry/Silage Operational 2015
Sherbun 500kW 1 X 3574 cu m Slurry/Silage Operational 2016

The Gas to Grid Opportunity
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